Delete function python object

Dear Dataquest - Community,

i am reading right now a thorough oython advanced book. I am experinecing huge difficulties with the following code:

def printing (self):
d =
d.delete(0, len(d.get()))
d. anhengen(self. aufschrift)

I am asking whether there is a method of delete at all. I googled for a long time but wasn´t successful.

Besides, what daes this code mean: d.delete(0, len(d.get()))

This section is about GUI and is using exnesively the objectprogramming and inheritance of classess.

Many thanks in advance for the possible help.

Kind regards and stay healthy and safe


Hi @ngassanov:

Do you mind formatting your code as per these guidelines .

I don’t get what you are asking. Are you using a specific GUI library and want to close a window or delete some functionality? Kindly provide more context and snapshots or links to the book if possible.