Deploying a Project in a Cloud Server

Hi everybody,

I would like to develop a web application and I need basic knowledge on using a cloud server, and upload my project there. How to install python and their libraries in the server. To manage my files there: upload, run, update them. Basic CLI commands for doing all this.

Do you know where could I get information about this subject or if there is a course related?

Many thanks in advance.

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Are you planning to use Python? If so, check out for hosting your web application.You can start with their free plan that let’s you host one webapp.

You can check out some of their help pages here:

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Hi @Daniel_H

It’s worth starting by determining what you call cloud servers.
Something like AC2 on AWS or its equivalent on Azure? - I mean autoscalable virtual servers.
Or do you mean Virtual Servers like on DiginalOcean?

But suppose you mean just a virtual server on some hosting. Like DigitalOcean.

Then here’s what you should study.

  1. SSH connection to the server is a terminal connection. If you have Linucs or Mac, then your terminal supports ssh. In Windows, it only appears from windows 10, if you have an earlier version of Windows you need PuTTy

  2. Almost any Linux server has Python 2.7 and 3.6 preinstalled. But if you need a newer version of Python, learn how to install and deploy it.

  3. use virtualenv it will be easier than dealing with access rights.

  4. If your project is in GIT, install GIT and clone the repository, if not in GIT, you can use FileZilla to transfer project files.

  5. Install the libraries from the file requirements.txt if you don’t have it, then create it on the PC where you created and tested the script

  6. Configure how your script should work. If you are using a web server (Flask, Django), learn examples of how to deploy it correctly. If the script should just run at a certain time, use cron.


If DigitalOcean interests you then I would suggest to take a look on Heroku too. To know how to deploy an application you can get resources on YouTube according to the backend framework you are using.

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Many thanks @moriturus7.

Yeah, I meant to deploy my proyect in a virtual server. You’re right in all the kwnoledges they are needed, and also some practize on CLI. I am working on it. :sweat_smile: Fortunately I find out a great youtube video that gives a fantastic guidance in this matter.

Its title is: “Python Flask Tutorial: Deploying Your Application (Option #1) - Deploy to a Linux Server” by Corey Schafer. In case someone were interested.

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