Detailed Guides to make your Projects Professional!

Love Attention To Detail!?

Have a keen eye to detail and mind to summarize? Well, we have a few suggestions here, you may want to apply to your Guided and Unguided Projects:

These are not protocols. Just guidelines to help you make your project a techno-functional resume and highlight your skills - skills that you have already acquired and are inclined to explore and gain.

Kindly note: No one expects you to learn them all in one go. Rome was not built in one day! But do try to improve your projects steadily and in succession, implementing these guidelines.

SQL analysis on Guided project on CIA factbook
Best practices in making project narratives?
GP5: Visualizing The Gender Gap In College Degrees Sneaker Sales Data Science Project
Analyzing NYC High School Data:Guided Project
My guided project : Visualizing Earnings Based On College Majors
My guided project on visualizing earnings based on college majors
Guided_Project_2_Exploring Hacker News Posts
Analyzing NYC High School Data
Guided Project : CIA Factbook data analysis with SQL
Guided project 1 - Which genre will hit the jackpot?
Analyzing CIA factbook using SQL
Solutions to Analyzing CIA Factbook Data Using SQL
Guided Project: Exploring Hacker News Post (feedback welcome!)
Request Review for Guided Project 1 : App Analysis
Feed Back for "Hacker News " Guided project - welcome corrections
Guided Project Feedback - SQL Fundamentals
SQL Guided Project Feedback
Collegue Majors proyect: An important decision in life, better think it twice!
Project "Exploring Ebay Car Sales Data" Feedback
Sharing "Exploring Ebay Car Sales" guided proyect
Guided Project Review: Exploring Ebay Used Vehicles Data
Feedback Request: Visualizing The Gender Gap In College Degrees
Feedback please - Analyzing CIA Factbook Data Using SQL
Exploring Car sales project
Sharing your projects in the Community
Review & Feedback: Exploring Ebay Sales Data
My Project in Predicting Bike Rentals
Guided Project: Exploring EBay Car Sales Data__
Guided Project: Analyzing CIA Factbook Data using SQL with Jupyter Notebook
Guided Project: CIA Factbook Analyses Using SQL in Jupyter Notebook
CIA FACTBOOK Guided project
Guided Project: Visualizing Earnings Based On College Majors(Done)