Determining Heavy Traffic Indicators on I-94 Interstate Highway

In this project, I analysed the I-94 interstate highway traffic dataset to determine the indicators of heavy traffic in the highway.

Kindly check and provide feedback that will make the analysis a better one.

The jupyter notebook file is attached below.

Thank you.

Determining Heavy Traffic Indicators on I-94 Interstate Highway.ipynb (1.6 MB)

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Hi @abdullahimadabo, you’ve done an excellent job in determining heavy traffic indicators, Overall, I really like how you organised the project, and the way you cleaned the data made it simple to see how you were thinking.

There are some minor errors you took cognizance of earlier that you didn’t do in some cells, for instance, you forgot to add to In[14], you forget to add a title to In[21] and [22] also.

Great job, :+1:


Thank you for the feedback. I really appreciate :+1: