DF.describe() methode in the eBay used cars project

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count    5.000000e+04
mean     9.840044e+03
std      4.811044e+05
min      0.000000e+00
25%      1.100000e+03
50%      2.950000e+03
75%      7.200000e+03
max      1.000000e+08
Name: price, dtype: float64

i want someone to explain to me what does this "1.000000e+08 " in max means and what's this e+08 means next to the integer, thanks 

the max price of cars in this data is 99999999 as we can see in the next code line as the first one by montionin( ascending=False)

my question is : why is not the same in max of the:  autos["price"].describe() and the code below


99999999       1
27322222       1
12345678       3
11111111       2
10000000       1
5              2
3              1
2              3
1            156
0           1421
Name: price, Length: 2357, dtype: int64

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As for your first question. The numbers shown are in Scientific Notation. When dealing with very large numbers at 100million or more, you will see scientific notation a lot.

  • e+02 means move the decimal point to the right 2 spaces
  • e-02 would mean move the decimal point left 2 spaces.

So 1.000000e+08 = 100,000,000. Since the max is actually 99,999,999 it looks like Pandas just rounded up the data converting to scientific notation.

If you wanted to actually show the numbers without scientific notation (in this scenario anyways), you can actually call round().

  • autos[“price”].describe().round(2)

thank you Nick for the explanation, one more thing: did you use round(2) so you can get two spaces moved to the right?
thank you