Df.head() display problem when integrating guided project onto Github

Hey everyone I am experiencing a slight issue when I integrate one of my guided projects onto Github, specifically with the Df.head() method.

Okay so when I use the Jupyter Notebook either on Dataquest’s platform or off it, the output (display) on using Df.head() method on a DataFrame is as expected:

However, when I integrate my project on GitHub and use the Df.head() method on a DataFrame, my result (display) is as follows:

I’m wondering if anyone else has encountered this and if so how they fixed this issue.


Hey, Henry.

GitHub doesn’t do a very good job with notebooks, even Dataquest’s solution isn’t displayed correctly. It works fine on other notebook renderer’s like NBViewer and Google Colab.

I suggest you reach out to GitHub’s support and let them know of this bug.

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Github notebooks aren’t the best for hosting notebooks. Suggest you use Colab its been around for a while now and is quite stable.

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