Df.rename() does not work when trying to change names of TAFE columns


>>> tafe_survey_updated.rename({
    "Record ID": "id",
    "CESSATION YEAR": "cease_date",
    "Reason for ceasing employment": "separationtype",
    "Gender. What is your Gender?": "gender",
    "CurrentAge. Current Age": "age",
    "Employment Type. Employment Type": "employment_status",
    "Classification. Classification": "position",
    "LengthofServiceOverall. Overall Length of Service at Institute (in years)": "institute_service",
    "LengthofServiceCurrent. Length of Service at current workplace (in years)": "role_service"
}, axis=1, inplace=True)

What I expected to happen: I expected it to change column names, but it only changes the first three columns from the given dictionary and leaves others unchanged.

What actually happened:

>>>  tafe_survey_updated.columns

Index(['id', 'Institute', 'WorkArea', 'cease_date', 'separationtype',
       'Contributing Factors. Career Move - Public Sector ',
       'Contributing Factors. Career Move - Private Sector ',
       'Contributing Factors. Career Move - Self-employment',
       'Contributing Factors. Ill Health',
       'Contributing Factors. Maternity/Family',
       'Contributing Factors. Dissatisfaction',
       'Contributing Factors. Job Dissatisfaction',
       'Contributing Factors. Interpersonal Conflict',
       'Contributing Factors. Study', 'Contributing Factors. Travel',
       'Contributing Factors. Other', 'Contributing Factors. NONE',
       'Gender.     What is your Gender?', 'CurrentAge.     Current Age',
       'Employment Type.     Employment Type',
       'Classification.     Classification', 'institute_service',

Hello this is due to your column name eg 'Classification. Classification' it has 4 spaces between . and C. Before renaming the columns, check the column names first then copy and paste them to your dictionary, that would be easy method to rename.

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