Dictionaries and Frequency Tables ERROR


I was unable to post my pic in the original thread–only one pic allowed–here’s just the actual + expected answers. You can clearly see that the code output is the expected answer yet its output is showing as an error. I hope a moderator jumps in soon. I was finding this topic difficult to understand, there’s a couple concepts not taught involved in the answer, and I was hoping to reverse engineer by studying the solution. I don’t want to move forward without understanding.

hey @justLinda , may be there is logical error in your code. Your output is not as same as expected one . Output of your code is marked as red. See, it is differ from the expected one (green colored). Please post your code or check it again.

Hi @justLinda,

Your actual answers are correct. The “expected” answer is incorrect. You can see the same concerns and a temporary workaround from this thread: Error in Answer Submission for 11. Keeping the Dictionaries Separate

Joshua C.

Thank you @Zubair, the code you see is the copied and pasted provided solution code in order to show that the expected response is inaccurate. I was following up a similar thread which wouldn’t let me post a photo in it.

Yes, I see that YOU’VE offered a work-around. Thank you for starting the thread @kidguko!