Dictionaries Mission Practice Problems Q12

Screen Link:

My Code:

laptop1 = None
laptop2 = None
for price1 in price_to_name:
    for price2 in price_to_name:
        if (price1 != price2) and (price1 + price2 == 5000):
            laptop1 = price1
            laptop2 = price2

What I expected to happen:
To assign two different prices that could be added to exactly $5000

What actually happened: 
The values of laptop1 and laptop2 remained "None".

Replace this line with the output/error

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Why does this code not work?
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The code works. It just means that there are no two price values which add up to 5000 and are not the same.

There is no condition in the instructions stating that the prices can’t be the same. They can be the same for different laptops.

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