Difference between SQlite and mySQL

SCREEN LINK: https://app.dataquest.io/m/252/introduction-to-sql/7/selecting-specific-columns

what is the difference between SQlite and mySQL?
and which one do you recommend to use as a data scientist?


If you are talking about differences in the syntax, I’d say there are very few. I had taken a course on MySQL before Dataquest and I saw almost no differences between what I learned in that course and what I learned on Dataquest’s SQLite courses.

If you’re talking about more technical features, you can read more in the links below:


About which one to use, I believe you should have a good understanding of both, but syntax-wise, it’s safe to say that if you know one, you also know the other. However, the one you’ll actually use will depend on the company you’ll work for. You’ll have to use what they use.