Different Answers for MSE & RMSE? (Random Seed & Reproducibility)

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Can someone please explain why I am getting different values for MSE and RMSE?

I am following along with the lesson in Jupyter Notebook on my computer so I can freely experiment.

The DQ answer is:
MSE: 13322.432400455064
RMSE: 115.42284176217056

I am getting in Jupyter on my computer:
MSE: 12702.843731513083
RMSE: 112.7068930079837

I am having trouble figuring out why. I’m thinking it might be in the data cleaning steps? I kind of carried over the data cleaning steps from the previous mission so maybe something is off?

I am even using the same code as the answer. I’ve attached the Jupyter Notebook below.

Thank you for your time

DQ SKLearn Different Answers.ipynb (6.8 KB)

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ok, I think I just answered my own question:

I forgot to put the np.random.seed(1) in so when I randomized the dataset using

dc_listings = dc_listings.loc[np.random.permutation(len(dc_listings))], it was creating a different randomized version, thus the 5 nearest neighbors were different. Is this correct?

I have new questions now:

How does running np.random.seed(1) feed into dc_listings = dc_listings.loc[np.random.permutation(len(dc_listings))] ?

np.random.permutation() knows somehow what was passed into np.random.seed()?

So essentially we always want to randomize our dataset before passing it into Scikit-Learn?

How does this work in practice in terms of reproducibility? Do you always want to set the np.random.seed() every time?