Districs-to-districs map

We created a map showing total enrollment for each school and sat scores relationship, we used r-value in the first map. The second map we used the mean of ell-percentage of each district. what we use mean in the second map? My understanding is recalculating the r-value after we filtered data set (sat-score under 1000 and total enrollment uderd 1000 ) and groupby districts.

Thank you for helping in advance!!

I’m sure many would love to help you but unfortunately most won’t know what you are talking about. Please read this:

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I reviewed the section again. I figured out. I was not thinking straight. How to delete my post here??

WOHOO! Congrats! I wouldn’t worry about deleting it…but maybe you want to update it with how you resolved it yourself? It could be an inspiration to others and at the very least, it will solidify your learning. :sunglasses:

I was thinking the map is showing r-value but actually it is not. We used r-value to find out the correlations at beginning, then decided which 2 variables we want to go deeper to see the relationship. Once we decided, we used scatter to explore the data.

My mind was messy before, I was thinking the map shows the correlations data set we created.

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