Does ! mean or?

Good day @casey, am on data visualization now. I learnt in introduction to R that ’ ! ’ means ‘or’. For instance: Sex= ‘Both Sexes’ could be written as: Sex = ‘Female ! Male’
But am now seeing it expressed as: Sex ! = Both sexes.
Please help throw more light on this.

Hi @akheugiomho. The ! operator means “NOT”. The operator != means “not equal to” and == means “is equal to”. Comparison operators are covered in this screen.

| and || indicate the logical “OR”. You can read more about all of this here here.

Good day @casey, thanks for the help. I was discouraged at a point and stopped learning for two weeks, but had to start all over again. And it because I remembered I have a support system here.
!= not equal to
| Or

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