Does representation matter? Dataquest Dashboard Landing Page Image


Just want to say that I am enjoying learning on Dataquest. The courses are great. The support is good. My knowlege and confidence continues to grow and one day I hope to find work in this field.

My question is about representation or perhaps “perception” of representation would be a better way to put it.

I imagine that the Dataquest community is made up of Male/Female/Non Binary folks off all races, ages and other characterstics. Some actual numbers would be great here.

The DQ dashboard login page contains the an image of a young male wearing glasses looking off screen. I am always wondering if this image is really representative of the DQ community at large? What kind of message does this image send? Might a different image be more inclusive?

Perhaps I am overthinking this.

Curious what others have to say. :slight_smile:



Hmm… :thinking: I think you might be overthinking this, especially since you’re only referring to one page on the DQ site.

The homepage ( shows a pretty diverse set of photos from, I assume, actual DQ users.

The sign up page ( shows a woman (I believe a POC, judging from the photo).

I kinda feel like throughout the site DQ tries to diversify the photos of real DQ users. Just my 2 cents.


Have you checked this out yet?

In particular this piece of text:

  • A diverse team. The attitudes of a team are often reflected in the products they build together, and diversity on a team at an online education company means that the product becomes more inclusive and diverse over time as well. Without team diversity, the products quickly become exclusive, and are no longer about closing the opportunity gap.

Inclusion is one of the major promises of online education, and we hope Dataquest can help move the industry in that direction. There are millions of people worldwide who are capable of amazing things, but face barriers that feel insurmountable. Education done right is a powerful way to level the playing field.

Also, have you scrolled down on the main landing page (as @wuworkshop suggested) , before signing in/going to dashboard? The images there seem much more inclusive and seem to be representative of DQ in general.


Thanks @wuworkshop and @mathmike314 for your great responses.

I like DQ even more!

I was overthinking this.


I do not believe so…in fact, I feel like the planet needs more people thinking just the way that you did…to ask the questions that you did.

Thankfully, DQ has an amazing vision and “your fears here” are somewhat misplaced (thank the Buddha! It’s 2020!!!). Please read this blog post if you have the time. I think the substance of the post is ultimately what made you ask about Dataquest.

This paragraph in particular seems like what you were asking about:

“We’ve worked hard to make our hiring process and our leadership criteria more inclusive. Out of a team of 24, 11 of us identify as men, 12 of us identify as women, and one of us identifies as non-binary. Close to half of our team is made up of people of color. Half of our leadership team consists of women.”

I :heart:

P.S. - To answer your question in the subject line: absolutely, without a doubt, no question about it: REPRESENTATION MATTERS!