Does the order of the join ON clause matters?

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   c.first_name || " " || c.last_name customer_name,
   COUNT(i.invoice_id) number_of_purchases,
   SUM( total_spent,
       WHEN sum( < 40 THEN 'small spender'
       WHEN sum( > 100 THEN 'big spender'
       ELSE 'regular'
       AS customer_category
FROM invoice i
INNER JOIN customer c ON c.customer_id = i.customer_id

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Does the order on the ON clause of the INNER JOIN matter? 
ON c.customer_id = i.customer_id the same as i.customer_id = c.customer_id?

I had this same question before and Googled a lot before finding the answer: no, order does not matter since SQL respects the symmetric property of equality (ie: if a=b then b=a). There is, however, much debate over which order you should use for style purposes. At the end of the day, stick with the order that makes sense to you and make it consistent through your queries.

Here is a reddit article you can read on the subject or this one from Stackoverflow

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thank you for the great answer!