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Doesn't match with SQL Style Guide?—-logical-operators/7/multiple-conditions-i

Demonstration of screen 7 of Mission 585, Filtering I - Logical Operations, of Fundamentals of SQL II.

It seems like the demonstration as shown is not following the style guide Dataquest claimed to follow in an earlier mission It seems to me the ‘OR’ is three spaces too far to the right, as in the Style Guide, the ‘OR’ is always to the left of the river. Or am I missing something?

I agree; the OR should be left of the river. The sqlstyle guide says it should be so and I also found this website that agrees with us as well.

Thanks for the confirmation mathmike. I sent in a ticket to Dataquest on this.

How did you get the “OR” in your message to look like a reserved keyword? I’m new to Dataquest.

@malpracticecactus My apologies for the tardy reply…I did not get a message saying you had responded…weird. To increase the probability of a person being notified in the future, be sure to use the “@” symbol and then the person’s username so that they are “tagged” in the message as I’ve done with this message for you.

To answer your question: the formatted OR you see comes from using markdown syntax for what’s referred to as CODE. Check out this handy site for some basic markdown syntax. The “trick” here is to wrap the text in backticks: `like this` (it did not format this text because I used a backslash in order to escape this markdown functionality).

Hope that answers your question, albeit a bit late!

@mathmike314 Thank you for the excellent tips.

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