Don't see file to download

Hi. on this screen, we are to navigate to a project on github and told we can download the proper csv. I see where to look at the raw information, but I do not see a download button for the csv listed here. Where is it? I would also add that there more columns in the original dataset than there are listed here. Are we actually USING the original? If so, do we need to download it? If not, please state this more explicitly.

Screen Link: Learn data science with Python and R projects

You are not the only one who has had trouble finding a way to download original files from GitHub! The thing to note is that there is no “clean way” of just downloading a single file from GitHub. You need to download the file (as a zip) from the master branch. You could (alternatively) do a copy/paste using the RAW file to manually create the file locally but that’s a pain in its own way. I suggest downloading the entire branch and browsing to the files you want.

To download the the entire thing, click the link provided (data/college-majors at master · fivethirtyeight/data · GitHub) and then click on “data” (to the left of “college-majors” near the top of the screen) and then click the big green button that says “Code” which will show a drop-down menu. Select “Download ZIP” which will download the file “” (a ~62MB file). Unzip the file and browse to the “college-major” folder which contains the file “recent-grads.csv”.

I can tell you we are not using the orginal, because (from the mission screen):

We’ll continue working a version of FiveThirtyEight’s “Recent Grads” dataset scattered across 16 files. You can download the original recent-grads.csv file here.

There are more columns in the original dataset because the one we are working with is a version of the original. Although it’s not necessary to download the original, we can if we wanted to.

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