Download dataquest's 'artworks_clean.csv'

Hi is it possible to download the cleaned csv you are working with for the ‘Python - Intermediate’ : Python Data Analysis Basics, titled: ‘artworks_clean.csv’. I am working outside the ide you have supplied and working in my own jupyter notebook, however, I am also working with the >300k rows of data with the real MoMa dataset, which is annoying as I have to perform more cleaning than I would like and do cleaning that is not necessarily part of the course [learning] material?


Hi @burhaan.quinn,

You should select in the upper right corner of your DQ mission screen the name of the file artworks_clean.csv. Then press the botton “Download” (a cloud icon) that will appear on its right:

Of course, you can use this approach for any other DQ files in future.

Doh! Didn’t see this!!! Feel silly now! I always have my windows cascaded… :man_facepalming:t5:

Thank you @Elena_Kosourova ! :pray:t5:

(Edit: spent so much time cleaning this ‘Date’ column in the real data set… What a waste, that’ll teach me!)

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You are welcome @burhaan.quinn! Well, it’s ok, I also didn’t know about the existence of those files to download for a long period, as well as probably many other students :blush:

I mistakenly erased my code by using the Restore initial code while working with the 'Artwork_clean .csv file. After entering my code , Running my code shows FileNot foundError: [Error 2] No such file or Directory: ‘artwork_clean.csv’.
How do i fix this and run my code successfully? .thanks.

Hi @onotanharvey77. Since this is a slightly different question than the original one asked, would you kindly create a new topic, please? Be sure to include a link to the specific screen in the lesson where you are having trouble, the exact code you’re using, as well as a screenshot of the error if you can. Please be aware, restoring initial code should not cause this problem so I’d really like to help you solve this problem. My instincts are telling me that it’s probably just a typo in the code you’re using somewhere…