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Hi DQ-Community,

i have a question regarding the CSV Files we are working with e. g. the AppleStore.csv. When we manipulate the CSV with our Code e.g. adding elements to a list we see the change on the Output screen on DQ. Is here any Option to download the changed CSV file? It would be very helpul to see in Excel what exactly happens with the CSV file after chaning the Dataset. I thought the change has to be somewhere saved so a manipulated file should be available? Or is the change only done on “our” screen and not at the file behind the mission?

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Hi @Simo

The csv doesn’t get modified unless you save it. If you finish your project and download the file it’s the same file as the original, even if you’re working with pandas.

To write a file with python you need to do this, and here is the explanation in the documentation

file = open('AppleStore.csv', 'w')
file.write(#Here goes all the modifications)

In pandas you need to do this according to the documentation

df.to_csv('file path')

Hi @alegiraldo666,

thanks for the Info. I will try it this way. I thought maybe there is a way to export the file directly from our DQ “Playground” :slight_smile: .

Thanks for clarifying!

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