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How can I download the CSVs and TXT files for this course? Usually, they can be downloaded from the tabs next to the input tab. Obviously I could download them directly from the source but several have been updated recently and may not quite match the data used in the course.

I tried the code here (Download a file from DQ) but it doesn’t produce any output:

import os

# Uses Python to download an external tool called wsend
# and then gives execution privileges to this tool
os.system("""wget chmod +x wsend""")

# Runs a command that saves the output of ./wsend artworks.csv
# into a file called file_link.txt
# This command uploads the file to a server managed by wsend's devs
os.system("./wsend /schools/ap2010.csv | tail -n 1 >file_link.txt")

# opens the file with the download link and prints the link
with open("file_link.txt") as f:

Grateful for help as I like to run everything in Jupyter as well as the Dataquest website.


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Hi, I would like to download all the datasets used in this mission too, how to do this?


I found you can download the data from a later mission (

Good luck!

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I have already downloaded from NYC Open Data website but they are raw while datasets in the mission consists slightly different number of columns in these datasets. So, thank you for the help!!

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Thank you for posting this, I also had trouble finding the data.

Normally I run a Jupyter Notebook in parallel to the DataQuest code window as this is more what I think real world situations will be like. Not having the data available at the start of this particular mission caused a little bit of difficulty.

Respectfully to the awesome staff at DQ, I would suggest reviewing the start page of this mission.

and make the data a bit more readily available… Although now that I think about it, having to go to forums and ask for help is also good practice. :thinking: