Duplicated column name

I’m on 08/11 page of Guided Project: Clean And Analyze Employee Exit Surveys, and the instructions section says:

  • Add a column named institute to tafe_resignations_up . Each row should contain the value TAFE .

Turns out that this dataset already contains a column with that name, is it a platform mistake or should I have dropped it before, should I drop it now?


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Wow, @italo.moises!

I have never paid attention to this step so much that I did today, post-reading your question.
Well, there is no step involving “Institute” - the original column present in the dataset, at least I couldn’t see it in the instructions of the GP.

as for the addition of the column “institute”, python is quite case-sensitive here! so these two would be treated as two separate columns. Still if you want to have a major difference between the two, add a suitable prefix or suffix to the new column.

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I just wanted to crosscheck that, If I hadn’t done something wrong, besides that, I’ll check what will be the result when I execute df.loc[:,[“institute”]].

Thank you.

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Disregard the part where I said “I’ll check what will be the result when I execute df.loc[:,[“institute”]].” :upside_down_face: