EAS Guided Project: Investigating Fandango Movie Ratings

I used this exercise as an opportunity to learn a bit more about improving outputs in Jupyter notebooks.
I figured out how to take advantage of the “pretty” formatting for data frames when outputting them in a loop. I also figured out how to display two data frames to display side-by-side using an Hbox widget.

I hope this notebook is a useful example for others on things they can try (and perhaps things to avoid :slight_smile: )

I appreciate feedback on my written analysis and my code.


Fandango Ratings Analysis.ipynb (1.1 MB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab


Hello @eas-sea, thank you for sharing your project. Starting from the project title, it was catchy, I was so eager to explore from your analysis :smiley:
I’ve noticed that you’ve also imported Ipythons Markdown but you’ve not used it.
Your visualization skills are also on top, I like the way you’ve played with plot aesthetics.

Happy Learning.

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Thanks for the comments and encouragement.

The styling was from closely following project guidance. I haven’t invested much time in figuring out my own style.

Thanks for catching the unnecessary import of Markdown. I’d originally thought Markdown was the path to having pretty-printed dataframes side-by-side, but it didn’t work out. I forgot to clean up.

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