EAS: Guided Project Popular Data Science Questions

I had fun with this one. I identified a few python and deep-learning related topic areas that are likely to have a growing audience, relative to other data science topics.

I limited my focus to DSSE, but I got excited about the idea of exploring data-science related tags on other StackExchanges when I was writing my executive summary. I decided to move on though, because I’m eager to start the “Probability and Statistics” section.

I’d appreciate any feedback you can give, but I’m particularly interested in feedback on the executive summary.

Most of all, I hope that sharing this will give people ideas for how to make their own analysis better. I know I’ve found a lot of value in looking at other people’s original work after I’ve completed my own.


Data Science StackExchange Tags and Trends.ipynb (1.1 MB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab


Hello @eas-sea

I liked your project.I think the way you structured the project is different but it is good overall :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing this with community.


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Thanks for taking a look at my project and commenting!

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I like the summary path and the finally visualizations about trends. Honestly I felt overwhelmed to start but once I did, I loved it. Kudos!

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Thanks for the comments and encouragement!

I know what you mean about the trend visualization being overwhelming at first. Visualization makes it easy to pick out patterns quickly across a number of variables and data points, but it can be intimidating to have that much data shown at once. I need to figure out how to better contextualize it so that someone who is just skimming the notebook knows that the visualization should be skimmed, rather than lingered over.

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