Ebay ads - possibly useful get_mean function and damage impact on price

Feel free to critique. Uploading in case some of it is useful, or could be improved…

Didn’t flesh it out - but it’s not hard to do a function that returns the mapping dict to go from camelCase to snake_case. Put in a URL.

What may be useful is the get_mean function that, given a df and one column name and values (because user might employ some filtering so values are not ALL values for that column :slight_smile:, ) and another column name, will return a dict with the values and mean values for the “other” column.

def get_mean( df, index, values, col ) :
    """ DataFrame, string, list of strings, string --> pd.Series object """
    # Given the Dataframe, index name , value-list and column name, 
    # will get all the rows for the index equal to specified values and then
    # return the mean from the column for each of those rows
    mean_dict = {}
    for value in values :
        mean_dict[ value ] = df.loc[ df[index] == value , col ].mean()
    return pd.Series( mean_dict )


Basics.ipynb (119.9 KB)

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