Ebay car data cleaning project

Hello everyone,
I just finished my data cleaning basics project, take a look, I appreciate any feedback.
Ebay_data_cleaning_basics.ipynb (122.0 KB)

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Hey @RayOjel,

Thanks for sharing! :smiley:

Without diving deep into your code, here’s my feedback on your presentation style:

  • If you are looking to make this project resume-ready, you may want to add an introduction and conclusion to it. It is helpful to know what you are trying to accomplish with the analysis before I dive deep into it. On the same veins, it is helpful to read a conclusion on your project that states the results of your analysis.

  • You have done a good job of peppering the project with your own comments!

  • Try using the Markdown cells to introduce headings and subheadings. They make it so much easier to follow the project.

Thank you, so make the intro and conclusion in the beginning markdown cells so it’s like a summary type? Or more like an abstract of a research article?

Do I leave the code cells running? Or do I clear the output before submitting?

@Rucha had a real neat introduction to her Employee exit surveys projects here -https://nbviewer.jupyter.org/urls/community.dataquest.io/uploads/short-url/wVLgAsnGlxmmjZ9gvvAAUlr7iM.ipynb.

“Abstract of a research article” seems to be a good way of thinking about the introduction, yeah!

About whether to leave the code cells running or not -
I cannot edit your notebook. So, I think just keep doing what you are doing!

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