eBay Car Sales Data Exploration

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Exploring eBay Car Sales Data

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Hi @gargarkwamegideon12 ,
Bravo on your data exploration of eBay car sales.
1. Very meaningful introduction you started with and that is a great way to start analysis.
2. Data wrangling was stepwise and showed good order and flow.
Concepts you may add:
3. Visualizations which is part of Exploratory Data Analysis. For exploring one variable(univariate exploration); bar charts and histograms are good for qualitative and quantitative variables respectively, while when exploring two variables(bivariate exploration) to find corrrelation, scatter plots are the way to go.
4. Your markdown cells are self explanatory and a little addition of comments above the codes will further this.
5. “Conclusion” heading at the end before your derived insights to draw attention.

In all, you presented a very good analysis. Well done and Keep moving.


I appreciate your thoughts on my project. Thank you very much.

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