eBay Car Sales Dataset

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Project Title: eBay Car Sales Data

—} Part E: Data Analysis

--> 5. Analyse the data to:
    5.1. Calculate the distribution based on the column: 'reg_year'.
    5.2. Calculate the distribution based on the columns: 'date_crawled', 'ad_created' and 'last_seen'.
    5.3  Select brand and aggregating mean price.
    5.4. Calculate the mean mileage and mean price for each of the top brands.
    5.5. Find the most common brand/model combinations
    5.6. Find out if the average prices follows any patterns based on the mileage.
    5.7. Find out how much cheaper are cars with damage than their non-damaged counterparts.
Before Part E, the following tasks are carried out.

—} Part A: Original Dataset

---> 1. How the original dataset is organised
    1.1.  Observation

—} Part B: Reorganising Dataset

---> 2. Rows & Columns
    2.1. Review of unique values returned as NaN.
    2.2. Review of columns with only 2 unique values.
    2.3. Convert datetype of 'price' and 'odometer' columns from object to integer.
    2.4. Translate non-English word to English words. 
    2.5. Chang the use camelcase to snakecase in the names of columns and reorganising the columns.

—} Part C: Organised Dataset

---> 3. Quick Review of the organised dataset.

—} Part D: Cleaning Data Entries

---> 4. Data entries
    4.1. Remove data for antique vehicles from the columns: 'reg_year'.
    4.2. Remove inaccurate entries in the column: 'reg_year'.
    4.3. Review data entry for columns: 'reg_month'.
    4.4. Check for outliers in the column: 'adometer_km'.
    4.5. Check for outliers in the column: 'price_$'.

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