eBay Car Sales Guided Project: Outlier Treatment for Price Column Seems Arbitrary

Screen Link: solutions/Mission294Solutions.ipynb at master · dataquestio/solutions · GitHub

Code in the Solution notebook

autos = autos[autos["price"].between(1,351000)]

What I expected to happen:
The prices of the car above 75th percentile is greater than 7,200K

What actually happened:
The rational provided is based on curve of the price rather that inter quartile values of the price. Needed guidance in terms of what is the recommended approacj

Replace this line with the output/error

Hi @bahuguna.priyank

Very delayed response. Let us know your thoughts on this discussion here Exploring Ebay Car Sale Data- Finding Outliers - Q&A / DQ Courses - Dataquest Community

We will then take up this topic further. Thanks.