eBay Car Sales - Guided project

Hi All,

Just completed the eBay car sales project, as usual I try to solve stuff on my own by reading the top lines on the screen about what they want done. Thus, sometimes my code and analysis go in different directions than the expected solution. BUt learning this way is great, since I am driving things and thus have to think about what I will do etc. Also did some extra stuff such as plotted a scatter plot and sorted a dictionary for easier readability.

Hope you enjoy it!

eBay Car Sales Guided Project MJ.ipynb (145.1 KB)

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Great work @mj78ind, your codes were very easy to follow and understand.
you should consider the following:

  • Expounding on your introduction as this would give readers the opportunity to know what the project is all about.
  • You have a lot of codes with not much to say from them, you need to work more on your observations.
  • Consider visualizing some of your results
  • Always consider including the link of the dataset you are using for easy access by the reader.
  • it’d also be nice if you can describe the headers of each column in the introductions.

it was a great project overall. Good work :muscle::

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