eBay Car Sales Project 7/2

Finished the eBay Car Sales project and tried to answer all the additional questions on the final slide as well. Did not put a conclusion paragraph, but I have all my findings under each analysis.

eBay Car Sales Guided Project.ipynb (63.6 KB)

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Hi @kchitty23, Great job your project! It looks very well-structured and well-commented, but the introduction and conclusion aren’t enough detailed, informative and to the point.

  • It is preferable to include code fragments, functions, methods, or column names in backticks when using markdown. nr_of_pictures rather than nr_of_pictures, for instance. They will read easier and with more emphasis as a result.
  • Also you need to use the print() every time you’re using .describe(), head(), unique(), it automatically displays itself and you need to work on your styling.