eBay cars sales project

Screen Shot 2021-11-21 at 1.11.04 AM

Hello I had issue with the last two lines
it supposed to show the odometer as km and price as $ but the data is already cleaned without me cleaning it ?

What do you mean by “supposed to show?” What exactly should be shown and where? Should it be shown in the series’ values or should it be shown as part of the column name?

What do you mean by “already cleaned?” What data cleaning do you suspect has already been done without you cleaning it? What data were you expecting? What does series.unique() help you to see with regards to data cleaning?

I’m sorry to ask so many questions but without more context and only looking at screen shots as opposed to code we could copy/paste to test ourselves, it’s difficult to know how to help you. Perhaps reading this post in the community about asking technical question might help? A link to the lesson would help a lot too.