Ebay Used Cars Sales Analysis

My distance learning class-mates, kindly please give feed backs for my guided project works. I follow the instruction for the data cleaning parts and do some more analysis especially in the area of
how the used car the sale movements within the web-site.
Thanking you in advance.

Kindly review from this uploaded notebook: Basics.ipynb (171.5 KB)

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Hello @gsamahita, congratulations on finishing your project :tada:
Since you’ve finished doing cleaning and done some analysis, do also data visualization, that will be great at obtaining insights or trends in your data.

happy learning!

Hi @gsamahita

Congratulations on finishing one more guided project. Looks like the few extra things you did in the guided project have something similar to what I have done. It is interesting to find time taken to sell, fastest selling cars etc.

One point that comes to my mind which needs another look would be dropping the price values.

You have used this logic

We can see that the minimum price $0 which is unlikely, maximum price is $99,999,999 which is way too much for an auction site Therefore, we are going to take out all price below $1000 and any price above $350000

But in ebay, the auction can start from $1 as well. And one of our co-learners has found through her internet search that there are some people in Germany offer their cars for free on ebay. It was quite surprising to hear that, but I think that could have been a reason for $0 $1 and other low values.

Rest of the things looks great, especially your ‘further analysis’ part. That is where I found some similarities with our projects. Anyway great job. Keep up the good work.


Hi jithins123,

Thank you so much for your feedback. In fact, I learnt a lot from your work which is quite exemplary. I think I agree with your point regarding the minimum and maximum price.
I thought it would also imperative if we could compare the ebay price list and the same model but new car price list, but we might need to dig the new car price list at the time when the ebay dataset was being crawled (in 2016). Frankly, i was too slow to do that and already quite left behind in my learning.
Thanks a gain for your feedback.


Hi @gsamahita

Good to know that you learned something from my project. My intention while writing the guided project is also the same. I’d like to help others to get a few things from my project. I’m glad it served its purpose.

And, yes. I understand that sometimes a detailed work on these projects can slow down the pace of our learning. Anyway looking forward to see more work from you.