Embedded Jupyter Notebook doubt

Screen Link:

I use locally installed JN, but in my browser i am getting this message with the inbuilt JN. What should i do?

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no one is interested in replying to my doubt ? more than 2 days its been.

Hi @uditchauhan,

For platform issues like this, it is better to create a ticket by clicking the Contact Us link above. That said, based on the above message, I think you have opened multiple guided projects at once.

Our platform is not designed to run multiple projects simultaneously. So when you open multiple projects at once, the files will try to overwrite each other. I would recommend you to close all open guided projects and open a single guided project that you were planning to work on.

Let me know if you need further help.



NO, maybe you didn’t read my doubt clearly. I use JN installed on my pc, but for the instructions i have to read from the DQ website itself, and this screenshot was of the website and the inbuilt JN which is provided by DQ. Anyway I’ll just keep it like that, the main thing i have to do is read instructions and operate on my JN locally. Any insights on this?

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Hi @uditchauhan,

Sorry for misinterpreting your query. So you are saying that you are running only one Guided Project just to read instructions and the other tab is running your local jupyter notebook. Is that correct?

I have attempted to reproduce your situation and the below screen-recording shows that your local jupyter notebook tab does not influence the jupyter notebook in the Dataquest platform. However, if you open multiple guided projects, we can reproduce this issue by saving one guided project and saving another project just after that. What is happening here is that both guided projects share the same instance of the jupyter notebook. Whichever file you save will be written to the disk. But because of the mismatch between the opened version and the version on disk, Jupyter notebook is informing us that the notebook has changed. Here we have 3 choices:

  • Reload — Reloads the page and shows the version saved on the disk
  • Cancel — Closes the dialog box
  • Overwrite — Overwrites the disk with the content of the current page

Handling this situation is tricky as one of your projects has already been overwritten in the disk. Clicking Reload will reload your project and shows the overwritten disk content (contents of the other project will be shown). Clicking Overwrite will overwrite the other project with the contents of this project.

If you get this error, open the second project which you are able to save. Save the project again and shutdown that notebook and close the tab. Now go to your first project (whichever is showing the Notebook changed dialog box). Click on Cancel and try to save again. When the Notebook changed warning pops up, click on Overwrite. Do the same for all projects that are showing this warning.

Screen Recording: https://share.getcloudapp.com/d5upnvjX

Now, you may have some questions like the following:

Why did I get this warning when I didn’t click on save?
Jupyter notebook has an autosave feature which saves the project every 120 seconds.

Why did I get this warning when I only had one open guided project?
Here is a possibility, initially there may have been 2 guided projects, but one of the tabs was closed later.

That said, it is possible that you may not have opened multiple guided projects and still got this bug. It’s just that I am unable to reproduce this situation on my end. In any case, if you save your projects locally or on GitHub, you can safely ignore this warning.



Yes sir, I used the code that you gave earlier to minimize the inbuilt JN. And i use that screen for the instructions and my local JN for performing actions in split screen mode like you suggested in The guided projects guide. I chose this because i dont know where my projects are being saved when i use the Inbuilt one.

Even i dont know how this bug got produced but i will do nothing in this case as i am using the DQ screen just for instructions. My project will be automatically saved in the local one. Thank you sir for your help :slight_smile:

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