Embedded or localy installed Jupyter

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I’m a “newby” and this is my first topic! I’m on to my first project and I’ d like to ask whether it is preferable for any reason to use a locally installed version of Jupyter or the embedded one? My concerns has to do with the ease of saving the projects locally and uploading them in the GitHub.

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Well, you could use the embedded Jupyter notebook and once you are done with the project download it and then add it to a GitHub repo. In the menu, there is the option to download the project so that’s not a problem.

However if you have already installed Jupyter on your laptop then I would say to use it. That way you get used to using it locally and you also install the missing libraries your projects might require as you go. And if you already know how to use Git commands, then you can commits changes to the projects as you go and not wait to complete it all before downloading the notebook to add it to a GitHub repo.

I hope that helps. And do let me know if you need more clarifications.

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Yes Yemi, you absolutely helped me a lot.
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