Empire is the Favorite & Wealthy Educated Americans Watch Star Wars Movies (2015)c

Hi everyone. Here is my version of the Star Wars project. Things I enjoyed:

  • Separating out the demographic groups.
  • I also enjoyed changing the rankings in the dataframe so that bar charts made more sense (i.e. higher rank to better movie shows taller bar). They are just nicer to look at. Maybe there’s another way to do the same thing?
  • Lastly, I enjoyed changing the colors for the charts.

Takeaways: Empire is the favorite, there’s higher viewership among people with higher levels of education and a linear relationship between viewership and household income. Also, people who don’t like Star Trek are unlikely to watch any of the Star Wars movies.

Thanks for any input!

Is Empire the Clear Favorite?.ipynb (457.3 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab


Hi @brucemcminn

First off, Thank you for sharing this project with the DQ community. Your plots and their colour scheme really stand out! :+1: :ok_hand: A slight change has made a huge difference to this project!

Your project is well structured, simple and easy to follow. I just felt the narrative could have been made a bit more expressive. I would extend the intro section a bit and the content is right here in the post “Here is my version of… Lastly, I enjoyed…”!

I would also suggest resizing and formatting your plots of Income and Education sections to bring them to a similar consistency as other bar plots. You may keep the colour scheme they currently follow, just the thickness of the bar, title and axis labels could have been improved.

Lastly, this is a bit technical (and it may be that you have parked this for a future project or in time to achieve, it’s okay then) you have some repeated codes with minor differences. Have you considered or tried using loops or function definitions for simplification? Let me know if you tried but faced difficulties. The community will jump to help!

This is a very nice project to understand customizations with the matplotlib library. Love the pie charts and colour theme used :+1:

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Wow, I’m so impressed by your chart, the code is simple to track and for the most, it has pointed out what household income has affected StarWars viewers (that’s what I like)

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Thanks, I was interested in that as well.