Employee Exit Survey Project with comprehensive plots & value_count function for dataframe

Please give your feedback and suggestions. Especially would be happy to hear your opinion on conclusion parts.

s2c4guidedproject.ipynb (357.8 KB)

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Hi @ahadov.rufat
What an amazing work! on Employee Exit Survey Project. The entire project looks awesome, and honestly have learned a lot by going through our work. The introduction is well worked on, the aim/goal is so informing,the comments looks great, most of the explanations given are wonderful and very well detailed.
I love the workings on cell[6], the dictionary created has displayed very admirable outputs, same to workings on cell[7],never imagined of creating a function when I was tackling the same task, thumbs up buddy for the good work.
Just a suggestion, your conclusion looks somehow wide:blush: which is not such bad but I think having it shorter is the best way to go.Also having some code lines or displaying some outputs within the conclusion is not that very recommended. Remember conclusion is all about the summary of your findings( take care as well not to break it into subtopics like conclusion 1.1,1.2… etc). Hope you will check onto that :innocent:

Happy learning!