Employee exit surveys GP review

https://app.dataquest.io/m/348/guided-project%3A-clean-and-analyze-employee-exit-surveys/11/next-stepsBasics_exit_surveys.ipynb (110.1 KB)
I want you to check my project codes , formats, sentences written about project

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Hi @yashkr666. The project is well done from the technical point of view (IMHO, of course). I personally liked that you used applymap() to apply a function to two columns (when working with Job Dissatisfaction and Dissatisfaction in the TAFE survey :blush:).

You may improve your project describing better your steps and decisions you make (like explaining why you’ve decided to split employees into 4 service categories, or like what you may see on your boxplot). You may also improve the code style by following for example PEP8 guidelines.

It would be also useful if you comment your code (you’ll thank yourself if you ever have to look at your project again!).

This DataQuest article on how to improve your project style was very helpful for me. Happy coding:)

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hey @yashkr666

everything that @artur.sannikov96 has posted. plus, since we are making these projects to be our portfolio, you might want to resolve any warnings and errors in your project. :slight_smile:

happy learning too!