Energy Production System

Hey guys i have a question about to calculating clean natural gas spark do you have any information about how i can handle . I have two data sets including gas price consuming , producing issues . But i dont know formula to calculate this.

  1. From Wikipedia:

{\displaystyle SS=p_{E}-{\frac {p_{G}}{\eta {el}}}=p{E}-HR\cdot p_{G}}
pE as price of electricity in MU / MWh
pG as price of natural gas in MU / MWh or MU / Btu
ηel as electrical efficiency resp.
HR as heat rate in Btu / MWh

MU - Monetary Unit
Btu - British thermal unit

  1. According to the EIA, the spark spread is calculated using the following equation:

Spark Spread ($/MWh) = Power Price ($/MWh) – [Natural Gas Price ($/MMBtu) * Heat Rate (MMBtu/MWh)]

where MWh is megawatt-hours and MMBtu is a million British thermal units.

  1. Calculator: