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Error 404 - unable to locate notebook within dataquest platform


I saved my notebook under a new name (from ‘basics’ to ‘guided project…’.lpynb). My computer crashed and when I reloaded I get a 404 file not found error. I’ve created a new workbook directly in jupyter (outside of the dataquest platform) and tried to work from there but cannot open either of the files I’m trying to work on for the project (screenshot below):

Any guidance on changing file location and/or accessing the datasets so I can continue with the project would be really appreciated.


Hey, Boormang.

You forgot open when trying to read the Google Play Store data.

As for the notebook you lost, was this in your computer? Could you possibly have saved it in another location? Have you tried using your operating system’s search function to find the file?

Hi Bruno,
Thanks for the quick reply and clarification - I realised just after posting that that was my error regarding opening the file.
It was in my computer. The console seems to have reverted to my basics notebook and is working within the platform again, but I’ve saved my project notebook elsewhere and can continue to work from there now anyway.
Thanks again,

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