Error in answer given by DQ (Nested and correlated subqueries in SQL screen 2)

I believe the answer given by DQ in this screen is not correct.
The question is to display all invoices but the answer given is aggregating which results in only one line.

At the end of the code I think

GROUP BY invoice_id

should be added, am I correct?

Quite the opposite. Using a GROUP BY would aggregate the answers. I’m for sure missing what is it that you’re missing.

Here’s an alternative solution

  FROM invoice AS i
  JOIN (
       SELECT billing_country, AVG(total) AS avg_invoice
	     FROM invoice
		GROUP BY billing_country
     ) AS abc
    ON i.billing_country = abc.billing_country
 WHERE > abc.avg_invoice;

I suggest you begin by thinking through it and then maybe try to share something that may help me understand what you’re missing so that I can help you with the original question.

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@Bruno You’re right, I made a mistake! Is it possible to delete this post or…?

It’s better if we don’t. You had this question, so other people might have it too. When they have the same question, they can use the tags for locate it and get their question answered rapidly.