Error in executing via the platform

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My Code:


What I expected to happen:
The code should return the information about all numeric columns present In the DataFrame.

What actually happened:

Code initially keeps on running for a long period of time later it displays error message as shown below,

Your code run has timed out.
This could be caused by writing an infinite loop, or an issue with our system.
Read more about how to identify and fix this error.

The internet connection is working fine. I checked on other devices also but the same issue is present there also. The steps mentioned in this article

[article] (How To Troubleshoot Connection Issues In Our Platform?)
The code runs fine on console but not in script.
How to fix this issue kindly provide a solution as soon as possible.

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I guess there is an issue currently with the platform. I am also getting this timeout error even when I execute with the solution code provided. I cleared the cache, logged in again and tried, but in vain. Could you please look into this issue?

Also saw another post with similar issue raised.

Thanks in advance.

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The issue is now resolved. Kindly try it once again.

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@joshi.ananya.joshi1 Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

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