Error: Install ipython-sql

I wanted to work on the project in my computer, but can’t get ipython-sql working.

Screen Link:

My Code:

!conda install -yc conda-forge ipython-sql

What I expected to happen: Have -ipython-sql installed

What actually happened:

Hi! @paul.aromolaran.1710, Do you have windows or ios?

You need to update conda first then run the command which you are running.

conda update conda

Hello, I have Windows

Oh, Alright… I thought of that too, but felt it shouldn’t matter…

I’ll do that now and see if it works

Open the Start Menu and choose Anaconda Prompt and run:

conda update conda
conda update anaconda

It’s a good idea to run both commands twice (one after the other) to make sure that all the basic files are updated. This should put you back on the latest ‘releases’.

then run

conda install -c conda-forge ipython-sql

Hope this helps!

Hello guys… ran the given codes and the updates were downloaded, however i still keep getting this error:

And on checking the permissions, I have this:SQL coda
Leaving me confused…

Although, now my codes run… also, I noticed, the codes/query won’t run if comments are added in the code cells… anyway
Thanks Guys!!!

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