Error: no such table: wishlist

My Code:

/home/dq$ sqlite3 chinook.db
-- Loading resources from /home/dq/.sqliterc
SQLite version 3.21.0 2017-10-24 18:55:49
Enter ".help" for usage hints.
sqlite> INSERT INTO wishlist
   ...> VALUES
   ...>     (1, 34, "Joao's awesome wishlist"),
   ...>     (2, 18, "Amy loves pop");
Error: no such table: wishlist

What I expected to happen: Being able to continue on.

What actually happened: Error message says “Error: no such table: wishlist”.

I’ve double checked that what I am typing is exactly what the Show Answer area says I should be doing, but keep receiving this error message. Am I missing something?

Hi JessKilmer

Welcome to the community!

Please provide the screen link while posting your queries.
Have you created wishlist table before inserting data into it?