Euro-USD Exchange Rate Project 7/3

Hi, everyone. I just finished my project analyzing changes in the Euro-USD exchange rate over the past 20 years. I chose to look for trends under the last 3 US presidents. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Exchange Rates Guided Project.ipynb (145.1 KB)

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Great work @kchitty23, you have done a good job of reproducing the visualizations from the image.

somethings I’d love to point out include

  • You don’t need to do this print(exchange_rates.head()), exchange_rates.head() is enough, pandas functions can work by themselves without necessarily printing them.
  • The EURO-USD project is an interesting one and it needs more introduction than the one you minimal add to it, so work on writing more about what you want to do and your deduction from your analysis
  • Avoid pedestrian statements like Print the last five lines., you can easily add them as comments before each code.
  • Try Work more on your Presentation, Style Coding, Style Bugs/Inaccuracies Miscellaneous

Your visualization is definitely beautiful. Hope to see more beautiful :blush: plots in the future.