Euro-USD Exchange Rate Visualization Project

Hi, I would like to share my Euro-USD Exchange Rate Visualization Project for feedbacks!

project notebook here

Hey @julialee0318! Thanks for sharing the project with the Community :slight_smile: You have a very nice project with very clear code and narrative.

Some suggestions from my side:

  • In the “Results summary” section, you can say that the exchange rate dropped during the pandemic but then recovered, while in conclusions, you may also mention that in 2017, it was even lower than during the acute phase of the pandemic and investigate the reasons behind that
  • It’s better to import all packages in the first code cell for readability reasons so that we know what packages you’ve used in the project
  • Don’t forget about plot titles and axes labels. For example, explicitly indicate that the exchange rate on x axes is EUR to USD, not vice versa. That may seem redundant many people know that a euro costs more than a dollar, but it may change, so future readers may be confused
  • In [12] what is min()? Write an explanatory print() statement
  • Rerun all code cells, so that code cell numbers are consecutive

I hope my suggestions were helpful. Happy coding :slight_smile: