Excel Bike Shop Dashboard

Hi, all. I needed a project to showcase my Excel skills for a potential job so I put this together. Thought I’d share for inspiration and to see if anyone has feedback. It’s my first dashboard of any kind, so any input would be appreciated. I’m not entirely thrilled with the data as there is little no information on where it comes from, it seems too consistent from month to month, and the profit % seems high to me. There’s also no actual sale amount, just list price, so I used that to calculate sales. Cleaning the dates was a pain since it was in dd-mm-yyyy format and some were converted to Excel serial and others weren’t, but I found a way to do it using Excel formulas. I could have done it in Python, but thought I’d try it in Excel for the challenge.

Data is from bicycle store dataset | Kaggle

I roughly followed this video for the dashboard. Sales Dashboard in Excel | Dynamic Excel Dashboard for Sales - YouTube


OK. That link didn’t work out. I updated it to Dataquest/Bike Shop Dashboard.xlsx at 0a26da53c663af25fe8e24d1b02f86cf8ce88ec7 · Patch27/Dataquest · GitHub

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you did a great job @PatrickSmith, I feel you should add what the objectives of the work are and give more discussion from your observations.

Thanks, @OlutokiJohn. You mean here, or on Github? I’m working on a readme file with that information.

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you can make that your first sheet on your excel file. just a brief listing of your objectives.

Great dashboard charts and visuals. After a quick review, great interactions between the charts.