Exclusion of Header row while counting apps

I was reading the solution workbook and found we didn’t omit header row. Can you please confirm the code below includes header row while counting the number of free apps with filter out of non-english apps? When I add like for app in android_english[1:] then i get total number of apps for android is 9613.

android_final = []
ios_final = []

for app in android_english:
    price = app[7]
    if price == '0':
for app in ios_english:
    price = app[4]
    if price == '0.0':
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Hi @Syd_Anik,

In the solution code, we are removing the header row in the first cell:

android_header = android[0]
android = android[1:] 

ios_header = ios[0]
ios = ios[1:]

Therefore, the result does not include the header row.


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Thank You Sahil! Got it!

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