Experimenting with Predicting House Sale Prices

Hello everyone,

I would appreciate any feedback on this project. I complicated it quite a bit by experimenting with regularized linear regression and different feature selections and plotting learning curves.

I didn’t do any of the converting numerical columns to categorical, cause I don’t think any of the numerical columns are nominal. Maybe I’m wrong, I’d love to hear your opinions on this one. Data types are always kinda fussy to me.

Also, if anyone has suggestions or materials on how to do feature selection on mixed types, especially categorical in, numerical out, I would really appreciate it.

On a side note, I started this project a week ago and got distracted with family visiting last week. This is my first day getting back at learning, it’s hard to pick up where I left. Things just don’t feel as natural anymore. :weary: I’m going to try really hard in the future to not take that much time off in one go. Thought I’d share with you guys since I was just reminded of the importance of continued practice.

Keep calm and code on. :metal:

Predicting House Sale Prices .ipynb (492.2 KB)

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