Explanation : Creating a method that accepts Arguments

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What is the function of DQ in class NewList(DQ). I removed DQ to check if my code will still work and it gave me an error.

This is clarified in Step 4 -

In the rest of this mission, when you define a class in the code exercise, you’ll need to put DQ inside the parentheses:

class MyClass(DQ):


This makes the class inherit some special logic that allows our answer-checking system to work and give you feedback. We’ll remind you each time we tell you to define a new class so you don’t forget!

It’s related to a concept called Inheritance in Object Oriented Programming. You don’t have to worry about that for the time being so you don’t need to go into more details. The above explanation should suffice.

If you do wish to go into more details, then maybe this resource could help.

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Thank You. I got it now