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Exploring book performance beyond profit. Guided Project: Book Reviews

Hi everyone,

I just got done with the guided project and would like your feedback on the following thing:

Whenever I do analyses, I get stuck because there are so many ways you could go about the analysis. Within this project I tried to go multiple ways and I put each on in a tabset so that readers can compare which logic they like better. What do you think? Do you like the loop approach or the purrr::map one? In your experience what are the up and down sides of just printing quick results to the console vs storing them in an object in case you need them later on?

In the process of this project I found that I like the readability of flextable() tables, but that requires a couple more lines of code. Where is the right balance between few lines of code vs. readable and understandable output?


you can find the html file at: https://lisallreiber.github.io/dq_book-reviews/
it was not possible to updload it as html but you can also find a PDF on github

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Hi Lisa,
Thanks for sharing your guided project documentation. I really like the structure and the content.
As to some of your questions, regarding the quick results printing vs storing results in objects, I prefer storing in objects as it is easy for reference at a later stage. And also makes your documentation easy as well.
What do you think about splitting the documentation for your own sake and the reporting bit separate as these two are different audiences?
Otherwise great job there.

Gauthier A.